Providing services and resources tailored to SMEs.

Providing Cybersecurity to SMEs

SMEs are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats as they do not have the necessary in-house skill sets and knowledge to protect themselves. Further they lack the financial resources required to engage professional cybersecurity services. In the event of a successful attack, SMEs suffer proportionally higher costs than larger enterprises. A 2022 cyber insurance industry report stated 50% of SMEs experienced successful attacks, with one in five companies having their solvency threatened by a successful attack. 

The FSeC-CaaS is a unit within APU's Forensics and Cyber Security Research Center (FSeC). FSeC-CaaS is staffed by a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals and top-performing enthusiastic students drawn from the 1,300 students currently enrolled in APU's Cybersecurity BSc and Master programs. FSeC-CaaS provides a range of cybersecurity services to SMEs allowing them to benefit from the latest security technologies and best practices. Internally, FSEC-CaaS conducts vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on APU's own extensive infrastructure and systems.

FSEC-CaaS is an APU Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative. As well as improving cybersecurity at an local industry level, the FSEC-CaaS will provide suitably qualified cybersecurity students with industry experience.


FSeC-CaaS is offering the following services to SMEs
Security Audit

In-depth review of your SME's current exposure to cybersecurity threats and the actions you can take to reduce those threats. 

Penetration Testing

Simulated cyber attacks against your SME's webpages and IT systems to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Network Configuration

Apply network security settings to devices, configuring firewalls, setting up VPNs, and locking down WiFi networks. 

"FSeC-CaaS conducted a penetration test on Pixalink’s web application and Pixalink was impressed with the level of service provided."

Eddie Chong


"FSec's Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) delivered unparalleled speed, efficiency, and precision in providing us with with top-tier cybersecurity forensic consultancy services and advice. The team's unwavering dedication ensured swift resolution and pinpoint accuracy, safeguarding our digital assets with unparalleled expertise and commitment."

Jasdev Gill 

Managing Partner

Cybersecurity Risk Calculator

The cybersecurity risk calculator asks your questions about your SME and then determines the expected losses from cybersecurity incidents and the return on investment of further defences and mitigations.

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