Security Audit Service FAQ

  • What is a security audit?
    A security audit is a systematic assessment of an SME's information systems, infrastructure, processes, and policies to identify weaknesses. The goal is to ensure that the SME's assets, including data, hardware, software, and personnel, are adequately protected against security risks and that security controls are in place and effective.
  • How much is the security audit service?
    The cost depends on the scope of the security audit (estimated man hours). The service is offered on a 'at cost' basis, which covers the internship payments and the associated internship training / certification costs.
  • What is the typical scope of your security audit?
    The security audit includes the following:
        1) Diagram and schema of the SME IT infrastructure including data and personnel.
        2) Review of security policies and procedures.
        3) Checks on how data is stored, backed-up, transmitted, and disposed of.
        4) Review of security policies and procedures.
        4) Evaluation of user access controls.
        5) Evaluation of security awareness in personnel.
        6) Identification of potential security risks and vulnerabilities.
        7) Review of the incident response plan.
        8) Detailed report outlining findings and recommendations.
  • I am a SME located outside of Malaysia, can I request a security audit?
    Normally security audits involves a number of visits to the SME's premises to review of the physical security as well as conduct interviews with different personnel to understand the systems, the processes and the level of awareness of security controls. However, it is possible to do the above actions remotely using virtual meeting tools (such as Teams) if there is a sufficient level of support from the SME.
  • How do I sign up for a security audit?
    Send us a message via the 'Contact us' page with some details on your SME. We will be in touch to learn more about your IT systems and infrastructure and provide you with an estimate as to the cost.

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