Network Configuration Service FAQ

  • What is the network configuration service?
    The network configuration service applies appropriate settings and practices within a computer network to enhance its security by reducing the attack surface and mitigating the risks associated with unauthorised access, data breaches, and network-based attacks.
  • How much is the network configuration service?
    The cost depends on the scope (estimated man hours). The service is offered on a 'at cost' basis, which covers the internship payments and the associated internship training / certification costs.
  • What is included in the scope of the network configuration service?
    The service includes the following:
        1) Configuration of firewalls both at the network perimeter and on individual devices.
        2) Network segmentation to prevent lateral movement by attackers within the network.
        3) Implementing of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure communications over untrusted networks.
        4) Updating and patching of network devices.
        5) Configuration of redundant network paths and failover mechanisms to ensure network availability.
        6) Implementing encryption in transit and updating cryptography. 
        7) Report on the SME network infrastructure and configurations implemented.
  • I am a SME located outside of Malaysia, can I request the network configuration service?
    No, given the access required to configure network settings we recommend that the network configuration team be physically present within the SME and work side-by-side with the SME IT personnel so that the configuration applied is understood and any network issues arising during subsequent testing immediately remedied. 
  • How do I sign up for the network configuration service?
    Send us a message via the 'Contact us' page with some details on your IT infrastructure. We will be in touch to learn more about the network devices you have and provide you with an estimate as to the cost.

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